Atheism is Empty without God

My heart is pounding faster as I commence on writing this article. Human person  is unique from other animals even if man is classified among the animals.  Man is endowed with the capacity to reason things  out.  Man,  unlike animals, that is brutes,  does not use instincts but power of reason.  Human person feels,  aspires and inquires.  That is the best and unique  gift that distinguishes Man from other brutes.  The unfortunate things is that, sometimes it hurts when this gift is not used or is misused.

Man,  by nature desires to know. This is according to Aristotle in his book,  Metaphysics.  Man desires to know and among the things that have spurn the mind of man are three.  The person desires to know who the he/she is,  what surrounds him/her and what is the ultimate source of everything.  Simply,  the problems are that of man,  cosmos and God.

In the recent past,  there have been a heated debate whether atheists should be registered. My series of questions and wonder will be the basic arguments of this article.

To begin with,  let us see the etymological meaning of the term ‘atheist’. Atheism comes from from two Greek words ‘A’ which means ‘against’ and ‘theos’ which means ‘god or gods’.  Therefore,  atheism simply means being against god or god’s. Therefore,  let’s set the discussion rolling.

Is God a concept in the mind or a reality out there?  Is it an abstractual being or real being?  Where does the ‘atheists’ find their ground of arguments?

Let us start from what we know. Each and every one of us come from society and more particularly from a certain cultural setting. Among the many beliefs that we hold onto, is the belief in God.  He had a particular dwelling and the community owed their existence to his creative divine Providence.

Again,  deep down in ourselves,  we are convinced that there is an urge to become a better self. We always desire to become better selves. That’s why we always toil for the same end.  We always seek transcendence. Sometimes we are faced with doubts and uncertainties; Fears and insecurities,  limitedness and finitudeness. We experience an upheaval which pushes us up beyond ourselves. We realize that there exists a vital force or a supreme being with whom we can identify our fears and anxieties.

Again,  deep down the history of humanity,  there have been inclinations to religious activities and directed towards a certain being. This being is held supreme. That being is God.

Whatever that is,  whatever that exists,  whatever that has a name, is. God exists and that is why we call Him Various names.  Earlier,  we said that atheism is being against the existence of God or god’s or rather simply,  of deities. My simple question is,  HOW CAN YOU BE OPPOSED TO THAT WHICH THAT DOES NOT EXIST?  IF YOU DENY THE EXISTENCE OF DEITIES, What is that that you refer to as ‘deities’?

Atheism is not possible without God.  He has to be there for you to be opposed to Him.  Atheism is empty without God•

Atheism is just a rational discussion,  not a religious one.  In the Bible,  there is no single verse that directly tried to prove the existence of God.  The problem addressed rather was,  How many god’s exists.

The conflicting reason why atheists seems not to compromise their stance is the inadequacy of reconciling the fact that there is a good God and the force of evil which is prevalent in our day to day lives.

How can that be reconciled?  St.  Augustine said that out of evil comes Good. Evil is not a reality by itself but it is a privation of Good.  It inheres in Good.  Evil cannot be devoid of Good.  An example most appropriate is that of blindness. That is categorised as a physical evil.  The good deprived is the lack of sight.  Therefore,  evil,  like a a pothole,  cannot exist without a road.  Another example is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ which in itself was something evil but out of it Good prevailed. Salvation is Good that is achieved.

Nothing comes to be by chance or by Darwinian’s natural selection. Everything is perfectly and willingly designed.  When a wonder comes into mind,  it will ultimately lead to the assertion that there must be a God who is both immanent and transcence: transcendent by the fact that He’s so far beyond our comprehension because He is Infinite and our finite mind cannot contain Him fully. He is immanent by the fact that through the incarnation of Jesus Christ,  who stripped of His divinity and wore our humanity. He came from the bosom of God to the bosom of man.  He touched our humanity and we experienced His divinity.

Therefore,  with the simple arguiments posited in this article,  the atheists will find a reason to reconsider their rational stance which denies the existence of deities.

A nonsense said by a wise man remains a nonsense…J.  Lebmann. This discussion is open to all of us.

For further reading,  I would refer the reader to the Five Proofs of St. Thomas of Aquinas on the existence of God.


©James Kanogo Maina,  2016.


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