Save me your belief

Just save me the agony of telling me what you believe in, if at all it does not make you a better person.

Why should I care to know that which compels you to propagate racism,  terrorism or any other form of extremism towards your fellow brother? Does your belief in God, Allah, Shiva or whomever you acknowledge enslave you to be a brute to fellow human beings? This brotherhood crap, if not rooted in the fact that humanity makes us brothers, will always remain just but a crap. Does my belief make me your brother? Does my religion make me your sister? If at all it does? Just save me the agony because you are not worth being my brother or sister. Humanity should make us brothers and sisters simply because we are humans and not mastadons or brutes.

My heart is drowning in lancinates; tears of grief. Am wearing out with anguish and the pangs of austerity does not let me be. Towards which end are we heading? Are we bringing the end closer to the end? What are humans turning out to be? Hard questions seeking very honest answers.

Do I have to hide my animosity behind religion? Do all religions have extremism? To what extreme should an extreme be an extreme? My brothers and sisters, daughters and sons of humanity, we have to reconsider our mode of actualizing our mode of being with a serious introspection. We should go deep within ourselves and face those fearful selves we harbour deep within us.Why should you plant in another man’s garden? Why should you weed the weeds you never planted? Why should you let somebody else intoxicate and inebriate your heart with hatred, false doctrines which are irrational and inhuman; seed of unreasoned hatred? No matter the person or thing?

My dear people of good will, it is my hope you will get what I am putting across. I am speaking with reference to the series of terrorist attacks that we have experienced recently. I have to speak out, not because I can speak but because I have something to say. I cannot keep quiet. Why should you kill the innocents? And then you claim responsibility as if you did a praiseworthy thing? How dare you? You kill and you are happy about it. Which kind of religion should exhort one to revenge? An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth would leave the whole world blind. Mahatma Gandhi once said. Religious extreemism. Religion should mould your social and moral approach. Religion should make you a better person. It should be a fortress of hope and tranquility where you run to for uplift. It should be a seedbed of a wholistic approach to all aspects of life. Religion should never make you a social misfit, an outcast. If that is the kind of religion, there is something amiss.

Which god would demand a revenge in exchange to eternal life? Which god would make you see the others as unfit? Which god is thus evil? Which god is as damn as to demand that you die for it taking with you innocent lives? If you want to die, blow yourself up; leave us in peace. No one is in a hurry to die. If you have to kill so as to go to ‘heaven’ or wherever you are promised, just kill yourself. Or is that not killing? Is suicide not killing yourself? My brother and sister, if you ascribe to such a belief, your religious beliefs are wanting. Should you force me to join your religion or belief with torture, killings and intimidations? Should it be violent? I solemnly swear that if I happen to find that god of yours, I would kill it with my own bare hands. I would kill it a thousand and one times. He is not worth being a god.

What hurts me is to see the unborn, children and women suffer and die. What hurts me most is to see those I feel for, that is, women and children, being recruited and used as mediums for propagation of the vice. The weak and the susceptible always suffer. What I fail to understand is this: Do you not find it illogical and unreasonable when a corrupted and desperate fella rounds you up, instill and drill into your innocent and beautiful minds ideas which are not even comparable to animals’? How much can you kill your Mom or Dad or brother and sister for? Should even the ‘heaven’ or eternal life be equaled to their dear lives? Should you be paid to kill yourself? Can you connect the killings and the atrocities to religion? Stop killing our Moms and Dads. Stop killing us.

If my religion undermines another person; if at all it looks down on another person; if a God I believe in or any other person put trash in my way of thinking, I would disown it and live a free being. I would rather be an atheist and be opposed to it. I would become maker of my values and nobody or anything should come in between me and my becoming a better person. It is only that I cannot become a better self -independent of the Supreme Being.

The Holy Father, Pope Francis, spoke bitterly about the radicalization. I imagine the image he saw of radicalized youths and his heart anguished and sighed, ‘Woe unto you. A youth well wasted‘. You have potentials to become better persons. You have all the potential to be a better you. To be a human person. This should be taught from cradle to the grave, from the womb to the tomb.

Before you do something, reflect about it. An action is a thought made visible. Don’t just believe something because it was said by the person or the icon you idolize. If it does not make sense, it should be discarded. Even the nonsense said by a wise person remains a nonsense. God gave you the power to reason out things. The power of reason makes us human. When you go below that which you are, you undermine your humanity. Brotherhood is rooted in the fact that we are humans. With or without religion, we are humans. Religion only makes us better; makes us understand why we are human and why we should remain human.


©James Kanogo Maina, 2015.





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