Christ is the way to holiness; holiness is not the way to Christ.

Whatever the Holy Spirit touches turns it to Him.

  1. Holiness is a state which every sound Christian wishes to attain or achieve. In some way, it is the primary goal. Be perfect as your heavenly father is. True! A child should grow to resemble his father. He is the all-time present role model in life. Perfectness of God the Father comes with holiness. You can not see God and live. He is all Holy. He has the fullness of holiness. So, how can you grow to resemble or be like the father? Through Christ. But how can you come into contact with this Christ? Through the Holy Spirit. How the Holy Spirit? Through Christ. But how can you come into contact with Him? Through the Holy Spirit. How are you to have the Holy Spirit? Through Christ. Again? Yes! He said “Seek me first” Where do should we seek Him? Where should we find Him? Where is He more certain to be found? In the Holy Scriptures. How? Listen to it, meditating upon it. ‘In the beginning there was Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God’[1]

Sometimes we become like Dorothy[2]. Dorothy is a seven years old girl who likes reading a lot. She hardly passes a written material without attempting to read even though she is not that good at reading. One day her mom asks her “What are you reading?” “I don’t know mom!” she responds more startled than being sure. “How comes you don’t know and you are the one reading?” her mom inquires. “You see mom….” Dorothy tries to explain herself, “…I was reading aloud so and I was not listening” she confidently say.

Another instance is that of the Egyptian Eunuch who was just reading without comprehending anything until Philip elaborated it for him. That is how we, most of the time, read the Bible. Invite Jesus through the Holy Spirit so that He takes you through what you are reading.

He will come to you if you open the door of your heart. ‘Behold I stand at the door knocking, whoever hears My Voice opens for me[3]’ Remember, Christ is all-always-around to listen to you and can never leave you. ‘Behold, am with you till the end of times[4]’ but only when we allow Him.

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